We offer Full (Boating) and Social memberships.

All members must agree to the WYC Rules and Regulations

Boater Membership –  Annual Dues: $400

Boater Membership is the boating cornerstone of WYC. We are a great group of individuals and families from every walk of life who enjoy time on and off the water.  As part of the tradition of WYC, Full Members are dedicated to having fun while preserving the history of the club as well as expanding its future.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Includes spouse and minor children
  • Full use of club amenities and facilities including club launch and floats
  • 24-hour access to your boat
  • Voting privileges
  • Responsible for contributing work hours to the club


Social Membership – Annual Dues: $125.00

Maybe you don’t have a boat, or get seasick. Maybe you’re a beach bum who wants a nice place to grab a frosty beverage and a shower after a day in the sun. Social Membership is a great way to simply enjoy summer at WYC!

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Includes spouse and minor children
  • May enjoy the club during open hours or in the company of a Full Member
  • Club facilities for social use (No dock or boating access)
  • Non-voting membership
  • No work hours responsibility, but may contribute to club areas of interest.
  • Social Membership space is limited.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact us here!

Someone from our Membership Committee will contact you shortly. You can also call us at (617) 477 – 8448 (ext. 1)